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Crowdfunder- 3 days to go!

**There are only a few days left now to support EPTv through crowdfunder and we have had an AMAZING response - Thank you EVERYBODY!!**

**Reaching our target has ensured we can provide EVERYBODYPILATES.tv for a full year - AWESOME!!**

To keep you going here are 2 brand new video just for you :-)

Amy x

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We can’t wait to keep bringing you exciting videos every week.

This week you will find a tutorial of THE ROLL UP and a QUICK 5 workout on our YouTube channel.

Hopefully you will now be getting a feel of how our videos will work and what it will be like to workout with us.

We love it when you tell us how you have been getting on with the videos so remember to comment and keep connected with us.


✅ head over to youtube and check out the videos

✅ do the quick 5 followed by the do it in ten.

✅ watch the tutorial and ask us questions


.. if you haven’t already ......

✅sign up for an online subscription by visiting www.crowdfunder.co.uk/everybodypilatestv

Amy x


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