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We did it!! Everybody Pilates Tv is here and we cannot be any more excited!!

EPTv Launch

The past few months of hard work and support from you have made it into a reality and now you can workout with us at home or on the move! 

You will find that we have started with some beginner sessions to get you in the mood and get the basics right then over the next few weeks we will add more intermediate and advanced sessions. 

We love our new website and video on demand service and hope that you will too. We have carefully curated programmes for all levels of Classical Pilates lovers. There is a wide selction of short videos for when time is precious. Do a Quick 5min/ Do it in 10min for those times a quick stretch will improve your day. Try two or three 5min Tuorials back to back for extended ‘me time’. Or when your really in the groove check out our longer 30min-40min sessions for a whole body workout.

Exclusive Content to EPTv:

  1. 5min Tutorials

  2. Quick 5min Workouts

  3. Do it in 10min

  4. 30min Daily Workout

  5. 40min Weekly Workout

We hope there is enough for everyone to enjoy and – just like the previous 10yrs – we’ll continue to listen to our community to guide the way.

See you all online soon.