Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Mat Pilates and Equipment Pilates?

Simply put the mat sessions happen on a mat and you have to create your own resistance in the movements. We take up to 12 people in a class and there is a focus on flow.

Equipment sessions use spring resistance to target your centre and keep you connected. With 4 people in a session there is more focus from the instructor.

I’m a little nervous – should I start with a private lesson?

If you are worried about starting a class, have an injury or just want to make sure you are doing it right then a private lessons is a great place to start. There will be other people in the studio but you will have all the focus of the instructor who will take you through everything you need to know.

Do you level your classes?

Absolutely – we want you to feel confident in your ability from the very first session so if you are new the beginner classes on mat or equipment are perfect for you. When you are ready to progress we will let you know or you can request a session with an instructor to decide what level you should be at.

What should I do to prepare for a session?

All we ask you to do is come along with enthusiasm and a willingness to move. You should arrive 5 minutes before a session starts and wear workout clothes that allow you to move. Please make sure clothes have no zips as you will be lying down so much more comfy if no zips and better for our equipment too.

We ask that at the end of the session your equipment is cleaned and wiped down ready for the next session.

How much does a studio session cost?

We have both ‘Pay as you go’ (non-subscription) and ‘Pay Monthly’ (subscription) services. Please contact your local Everybody Pilates Studio for exact pricing.

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What is

‘’ or ‘EPTv’ is our subscription service so that you can work out with us at home. Available as a website and apps we bring a little bit of our studio feel to you at home.

Need more help?

If you still have any questions or you’d simply like to have a chat with us, please do get in contact and we’d be happy to help!

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