About Everybody Pilates


I'm Amy!

Co-founded by Amy Kellow 2nd Gen Master Trainer 

Amy brings her passion for Classical Pilates from her own background and teachers.


Not many people can say that their Pilates Mentor is Pilates Elder Jay Grimes and Amy has been studying with him since 2011.

She has completed Teaching the Work and The Work at Vintage Pilates under Jays tutelage and shares her enthusiasm with all who study and work with her.  

What is Pilates?

Well... created by Joseph Pilates it is simply an exercise system designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. We focus on creating strength from the centre, correcting alignment and balancing the body with exercises on the Mat, Reformers, Towers, Chairs and Barrels.

With a strong focus on you Everybody Pilates brings a workout system that helps to progress your practise as well as a supportive studio environment in which to learn more about how to move with strength and balance in your body.


Everybody Pilates teaches you how to feel the exercises in your body by using equipment with spring resistance that connects and challenges you in the way that you move.


Pilates is perfect for those that are injured, that need to develop core strength, have specific targets for athletic performance and for Everybody who wants to move and feel better and stronger.

Start your journey with Everybody Pilates and join our ever growing community.

See you soon!